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Ford Mustang Hire

The Ford Mustang hire has been an iconic sports car for over five decades, known for its powerful engine and classic design. In recent years the Mustang has undergone several updates and redesigns and the latest addition to this lineage is the Ford Mustang Hire.

The Mustang Hire is a cutting-edge autonomous car that combines the classic style and power of a Mustang with advanced technology that allows the car to drive itself. The self-driving capabilities of the Mustang hire are made possible by an array of sensors, cameras and computing power that work together to create a 360-degree view of the car’s surroundings.

The Eleanor Look

With this advanced technology the Mustang Hire can safely navigate roads and highways, avoid obstacles and even change lanes on its own. The car’s autonomous system is constantly learning and improving, using machine learning algorithms to adapt to new situations and road conditions.

In addition to its self-driving capabilities the Mustang  also boasts impressive performance features. The car is powered by a high-performance electric motor that can produce over 400 horsepower, giving it the acceleration and speed that Mustang fans have come to expect.

Inside the car, drivers will find a sleek and modern interior that is designed for comfort and convenience. The car’s touchscreen interface allows drivers to access a wide range of features and settings, including entertainment, navigation and climate control.

One of the most exciting features of the Mustang is the ability to switch between autonomous and manual driving modes. This means that drivers can enjoy the thrill of driving a classic Mustang when they want to, but also have the option of letting the car drive itself when they need a break or want to focus on something else.

Overall, the Ford Mustang  is a remarkable achievement in automotive technology. With its advanced autonomous capabilities, powerful electric motor and classic Mustang design, it offers the best of both worlds for drivers who want the convenience of a self-driving car without sacrificing the thrill of the open road.


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Ford Mustang
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Chris Jenkins
True Muscle

This is a BEAST. Best month of my life. Got in every club when i pulled outside with this.

 by Mike Riley
The Best Mustang in UK


The most amazing Mustang I have seen.
Carbon fiber touches are epic.
The Active Ride suspension is worth every penny.
The active exhaust makes it a MONSTER.

it's louder than a Lambo trust me.

Where is the Super Charger boys ???


This car was deffo the best experience ever. When I first sat in the car my shaft went harder then the actual shaft, also when I turned the engine on I turned on

 by Eric Riddick

Love this car !!
Pure power in your hand !
love this special edition version

 by Ryad Hasan Ahmed
Bad ass!!!!!

This has to be one of the most amazing car I've ever been. The Magna Ride suspension in this beast has made this riding experience like a roller coaster! Also the 5.0L V8 is superbly loud! Hired this car during my end of school graduation and it really impressed everyone!

 by James Warden

Amazing Muscle Car finally in RHD. a great experience. Been told its getting a new body kit. Cant wait to Hire it again. Thanks Kam and please call me once the kit is on !!


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